Things Simple
We had a thought - only give your skin the things it actually needs. Sounds simple right?

But the truth is, many conventional skincare ingredients do absolutely nothing to promote your skin’s health. Not only that, but some of these ingredients (even natural fragrance) can be overactive or can sensitise your skin. So why include these questionable ingredients in the first place?

Our approach: exclude fragrance and harsh chemicals + source quality natural ingredients from trusted producers that are nothing but kind, gentle and beneficial to your skin. Simple.
essential oils
aren’t essential
Essential oils are common in many conventional skincare products. While some do have therapeutic benefits, many contain volatile compounds that can sensitise your skin. Our philosophy - there are great natural alternatives that don't irritate your skin, so why not use them instead?
Our moisturiser smells of shea butter because that's what it's made of. Some products use fragrance to mask the smell of their base ingredients. At ambo, we don't do that.
protect your
skin’s protection
Your skin’s got a natural defensive layer called the ‘skin barrier’. It does a great job at preventing damage from pollutants, bacteria and UV. Though some conventional skincare ingredients can disrupt this barrier and cause irritation + dryness, we've excluded any questionable ingredients to keep this barrier happy and your skin looking its best.
Protect your skin
We formulate all our products with no overly abrasive exfoliants, no powerful surfactants and no drying alcohols
totally vegan
pH balanced
natural + synthetic Just because something’s 100% natural doesn't mean it’s 100% good for you. We believe we should formulate our products with the best ingredients available – regardless of their natural or synthetic label. We choose to use natural AND manmade ingredients based on their efficacy, their safety record and their sustainability.
with an origin
From the forests of the Yucatán to the coast of Scotland, we work directly with as many producers of natural extracts as possible. That way we can better guarantee the quality, efficacy and working conditions of the growers.
Protect your skin
The aloe vera from our cleanser is sourced from a sustainably grown crop in Yucatán, Mexico.