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Glycerin serves primarily as a humectant in skincare products. It works by drawing water from its surrounding environment and locking it into the outermost layer of the skin (the stratum corneum). By restoring natural moisture levels in the stratum corneum, Glycerin can help skin appear brighter, fresher, and plumper.

It also works as an effective solvent that encourages ingredients to combine and is a mild preservative. By displacing additional water Glycerin reduces the potential for microbial growth.

It is important to note that glycerine often appears in concentrations no greater than 10%. If the percentage was any higher it may start drawing moisture from deeper layers of the skin and so could result in irritation and dryness.

Ambo’s Moisture Cream has approximately 4.8% Glycerin and is sourced from RSPO certified Palm (Elaeis guineensis).
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