We believe good skincare doesn't have to be complicated. Our approach is simple: use quality ingredients, formulate responsibly, and package sustainably.

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The first step to great skincare is using great ingredients. From hand-picked Scottish seaweed to hydrating humectants, we source the very best quality actives we can get our hands on.

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There’s a lot of misinformation when it comes to ‘clean skincare' and what it really means. We don’t want to add to the worry or confusion. However, we do believe some ingredients can be more trouble than they’re worth. Below is a list of questionable ingredients and the reasons why we exclude them.

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Good skin is important but we don't think animals need to suffer for it. That's why we're committed to only developing 100% cruelty-free and vegan formulas.
Essential oils do have some therapeutic effects, like anti-fungal properties for example, but on the whole, they are packed with volatile aromatic compounds that have a potentially sensitising effect on your skin. We think the cons outweigh the pros.
Much like essential oils, fragrance is made from volatile aromatic compounds that may smell nice but risk upsetting and sensitising your skin. Unlike other ingredients, they also offer zero therapeutic benefits. For this reason, we feel it's better not to risk it and use fragrance-free formulas instead.
Alcohol might sound like a scary ingredient but the truth is there are many types, many with beneficial properties. The trick is: separating the good alcohols from the not so good. We’ve excluded old school compounds like ethanol because they have a tendency to dry and upset skin.
SLS stands for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. It's a super common surfactant that’s used in skin and hair care products. For many, it’s not a nightmare ingredient (particularly in things like handwash). However, it is potentially irritating, especially in high concentrations. It's for this reason we've decided to use gentler alternatives instead.
Some argue that silicones can block pores, however, many studies have refuted this. What concerns us more is research suggesting they are ‘bioaccumulative’ ie, they don’t degrade well in the environment. That's why we worked hard to swap them out for naturally derived alternatives that won't build up in nature when they go down the sink.
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Natural vs synthetic

Though natural actives will always play an important role in our formulations, we choose to use natural AND manmade ingredients based on their efficacy, sustainability and safety record.