Sustainable Practices
We believe that skincare should be as kind to the planet as it is to your skin. That’s why we develop all our products to be as sustainable as possible. From the packaging materials we use to how we ship our products, we’re committed to promoting a greener way of doing things.
optional plastic
All our plastic dispensers are optional. This gives you the power to reduce and reuse pumps and pipettes from previous orders. We believe small changes like this can make a big difference.
Glass Bottle
CO2 neutral delivery We calculate the CO2 emissions that result from your deliveries and offset them by planting trees.
fewer boxes We design all our products with no outer packaging. That way, every product we sell requires one less box.
recyclable mailers We only use plastic-free protective mailers and boxes. 100% card + paper and fully recyclable.
glass + aluminum We’re committed to reducing plastic waste as much as possible. That's why all our packaging is made from glass and aluminium. Both materials are 100% recyclable, widely recyclable and don’t result in any ocean harming micro-plastics.
South West Coast
Based in Devon, England, close to the sea, we're constantly reminded about the health of our oceans
infinite potential Did you know (unlike plastic) glass and aluminium can be recycled infinitely!? On top of that, the more times glass and aluminium gets recycled the lower the carbon footprint gets. That's why we’re pleased to say our 100ml and 200ml bottles are made from 45% recycled glass.