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We acknowledge that no brand can claim absolute sustainability, and ambo is no exception. Recognizing that everything we do as humans leaves a footprint, we refuse to ignore this reality. That's why we're opting to identify as 'planet-conscious' instead of 'sustainable' – to convey our ongoing commitment to minimizing our impact on the planet while acknowledging we still have work to do.

Glass Bottles

All our bottles are made from glass. That's because, unlike plastic, glass is infinitely recyclable and the more times it gets recycled, the lower the carbon footprint gets.

Recycled Glass

As well as being totally recyclable, all our 100ml pharmaceutical-grade bottles are made from 45% recycled glass.

ambo skincare cleanser bottle with white pump

Optional plastic

All our plastic dispensers are optional. This gives you the power to reduce and reuse pumps and pipettes from previous orders. We believe small changes like this can make a big difference.

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Other materials

  • close up of ambo aluminum cap
    All our standard caps are made from aluminium. We chose this material because it's inert, lightweight and, just like glass, infinitely recyclable.
  • close up of dry white soy beans
    Soy Ink
    Soy Ink
    We print all our product packaging with white soy ink. It's naturally derived and easier to recycle than conventional petroleum-based inks.
  • brown kraft card held up by a hand
    Kraft Card
    Kraft Card
    All our boxes are made from uncoated kraft card. No plastic gloss coating, soured from recycled materials and totally recyclable.
  • shredded brown kraft paper
    When we pack and protect your products for shipping, we opt for paper plastic-free options. We choose to use shredded paper and tissue over old school bubblewrap and foam.
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Carbon Offset

We automatically calculate the estimated shipping emissions for each order and offset the CO2 by funding direct air capture, mineralization, and nature-based carbon removal. It’s not a perfect solution but we believe every little helps.

We're not just focused on our materials or carbon footprint. We also work with 1% for the Planet to donate a share of our revenue every year to enviromental causes that matter.

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